Ante Sundharaniki 2022

Comedy, Romance | 2022 | | 2h 53min | 2022-06-10

Ante Sundharaniki 2022

Ante Sundharaniki 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Sundar comes from an orthodox Brahmin family. During his childhood, Sundar is duped by a fraudster who promises him a role in an upcoming film starring Chiranjeevi that would be filmed in the US. Therefore, his relations develops deep skepticism towards such ventures. Sundar grows in the works to be an employee at an ad agency. He tries to convince his associate Soumya to come up with the money for occurring the opportunity to go to the US in view of that that he can take her place and fulfill his dream. But on Soumya's insistence, he tells her the actual reason. Sundar is in love past his childhood sweetheart Leela, a Christian who is now a professional photographer. She gets near to Sundar in imitation of her ex-boyfriend Vamsi cheats upon her. Sundar and Leela rule to marry but back they belong to every other religions, Sundar sketches a plan to persuade their parents. As a share of it, they lie to their families practically the reason they are neglect for the US. Soumya is convinced and lets Sundar take on her area by lying to their manager.

A month after arriving in the US, Sundar lies to his parents that he has Azoospermia but Leela is ready to marry him despite this though Leela lies to her parents that she is pregnant bearing in mind Sundar's child. They return to India hurriedly on their parents' request but Sundar and Leela's bags are exchanged. Sundar's daddy gathers their family to tell them just about Sundar's impotency but they arrive across Leela's sack which raises suspicion. Leela's parents after that agree to that her boyfriend is Hindu by looking at a Hanuman sticker on Sundar's bag. They force her to resign yourself to a pregnancy exam which Leela fudges to be distinct using a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Sundar's daddy takes him to several doctors for treatment, every of whom caution him after listening to his deception, until they meet Dr. Guru, Sundar's childhood friend. Guru lies that it may bow to 1015 years to treat Sundar. Meanwhile, Leela's parents arrange her marriage in imitation of Joseph, a family friend, who accepts Leela's pregnancy. Sundar tries to talk Joseph out of it but in vain. Intimidated by Joseph, Sundar reveals that Leela bodily pregnant is a lie. Joseph informs the similar to Leela's parents. He asks Leela to tell the total by misuse on The Bible but Leela's father calls off her wedding as he doesn't want an outsider to suspect his daughter. once no another left, both their families reluctantly accept Leela and Sundar's marriage even if both remain unaware of the extra family's reason to do so. During their meeting, the parents arrive certainly close to discovering the contradicting stories, but Sundar's parents incite in treating the pregnancy cramps of Leela's sister Pushpa, as a result bringing their families closer.

Sometime later, Joseph reveals to Leela's mom that it was Sundar who told him that Leela isn't pregnant. She takes Leela to the hospital and gets her pregnancy checked, and to Leela's surprise, the result turns out to be positive. Sundar and Leela are ashamed just about the consequences as they have not consummated their relationship. They go for complementary check-up for second opinion. The doctor tells that Leela has dysgerminoma, a type of ovarian cancer which often results in untrue positives for pregnancy test. The tumour has to be surgically removed from her ovaries considering which Leela might not bear children. Sundar confesses to Leela's daddy that they lied roughly her pregnancy every along.

Sundar's father and grandmother now want to call off the marriage citing Leela's issue. However, Sundar's mommy exposes their hypocrisy as they were ready to marry off Sundar despite his perceived impotency. She feels that Sundar's happiness is more important than their traditions and having children. Sundar's grandmother approves of the marriage by playing the Veena which she gave stirring proclaim Sundar's childhood fiasco. Delighted, Sundar runs to meet Leela who has undergone the surgery and they deem to get married.

They attain Amelia Island for the wedding to fulfill Leela's wish. Sundar confesses that the anonymous postcard which Leela normal in her childhood was sent by him while Leela reveals that she knows it was Sundar who sent the postcard and admits that her purpose to have her wedding upon Amelia Island was just a made-up story.

Movie`s Details

Title: Ante Sundharaniki 

Genre: Comedy, Romance 

Writer: Vivek Athreya 

Director: Vivek Athreya 

Actors: Nani, Nazriya Nazim, V.K. Naresh 

Runtime: 2h 53min 

Country: India 

Language: Telugu 

Release Date: 2022-06-10 

Production: Mythri Movie Makers 

imdbRating: 7.6 


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