On the Count of Three 2021

Comedy, Crime, Drama | 2021 | R | 1h 26min | 2022-05-13

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On the Count of Three 2021
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Storyline / Plot

A depressed blue-collar worker named Val tries to commit suicide in a bathroom but is unable to after his infuriating co-worker enters and begins to sing. Val breaks going on bearing in mind his girlfriend, Natasha, and quits his job. He helps his best friend Kevin, who recently tried to commit suicide as well, break out from a psychiatric hospital. Val tells Kevin that suicide is the reply and they rule to shoot one unusual in the face. Kevin dodges gone Val shoots. He convinces Val that they should at least celebrate their last day upon Earth.

Kevin's main seek is to kill the child psychiatrist, Dr. Brenner, who molested him. However, Val and Kevin are told Dr. Brenner does not reach to proceed until late in the afternoon. Val learns that Natasha is pregnant. He tells Kevin that he had planned to marry her but backed out because he was scared. The duo spends their epoch training at a gun range, riding dirt motorcycles at a motorcycle park owned by their pal Donny, and robbing a gas station. Val visits his father, Lyndell, at his area of measure and tries to approach the grant Lyndell had stolen from him bearing in mind he was younger. The two begin to battle and Kevin hits Lyndell in imitation of a tire iron, in the past leaving behind considering the money. Val goes to the jewelry hoard where he bought the pitch for Natasha and returns it. He visits Natasha and tries to meet the expense of her some of his maintenance to support her. Natasha criticizes him and encourages him to see a therapist. In the meantime, Kevin goes upon a drive. He finds a former classmate (who he ran into earlier that morning) who extremely upset him later his intimates and contemplates killing him right subsequently and there but changes his mind.

Late in the afternoon, Kevin goes through taking into account his plan and visits Dr. Brenner. He forces him onto his knees and pulls the trigger, but the gun does not go off. Dr. Brenner hits Kevin and takes the gun away from him. Val arrives and kills Dr. Brenner and they escape. In the car, Val tells Kevin that he does not desire to die, and that he would rather breathing correspondingly he can raise his child. The duo is later chased by the police. They visit Donny and have the funds for him the keys to their car past driving away upon motorcycles. Val and Kevin are spotted by helicopters and they end running. Kevin tries to persuade Val that suicide is the answer to their problems but Val does not alter his mind more or less wanting to live. Kevin tells Val to tell the police that he killed Dr. Brenner since committing suicide. Sometime vanguard in prison, Val receives a visit from Natasha and their daughter.

Movie`s Details

Title: On the Count of Three 

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama 

Writer: Ari Katcher, Ryan Welch 

Director: Jerrod Carmichael 

Actors: Jerrod Carmichael, Christopher Abbott, Tiffany Haddish 

Runtime: 1h 26min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-05-13 

Production: Front Porch Pictures,, Morningside Entertainment, Valparaiso Pictures 

imdbRating: 7 


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