Downton Abbey: A New Era 2022

Drama, Romance | 2022 | PG | 2h 4min | 2022-05-20

Downton Abbey: A New Era 2022

Downton Abbey: A New Era 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In 1928, Tom Branson, the Earl of Grantham's widowed son-in-law, marries Lucy Smith, the illegitimate daughter of and sole beneficiary to lady Maud Bagshaw, Queen Mary's lady-in-waiting. Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, astonishes the associates by revealing that long ago she was capable a villa in the South of France by the Marquis de Montmirail, who has recently passed away. She is rejection it to her great-granddaughter, Sybbie, Tom's daughter once the late woman Sybil Crawley, to ensure that she has a more equal social and financial standing to her cousins.

A film production company wants to use Downton to shoot a silent film called The Gambler. Robert declines, until his eldest daughter and land manager, lady Mary Talbot, convinces him that the progress would be satisfactory to replace Downton's leaking roof. The household staff are keen to see the film stars, but lead actress Myrna Dalgliesh's haughtiness offends them.

The further marquis invites the relatives to visit the villa. The ailing Violet is unable to travel, but Tom and Lucy, woman Bagshaw, Robert Crawley and his wife Cora, and their daughter Edith (the Marchioness of Hexham) and her husband, Bertie Pelham (the Marquess of Hexham), accept. woman Mary remains at Downton to oversee the filming.

Montmirail welcomes the family to the villa. His mother wants to contest Violet Crawley's ownership. However, the associates lawyer states that there is no basis for a affirmation and hence the villa is legally Violet's. The marquis speaks privately as soon as Robert and stuns him by implying that Robert's birth date, nine months after the Dowager Countess visited in 1864, could point they are half-brothers. That night, Cora reveals to Robert she may be fatally ill. Robert breaks all along at the prospect of losing his mother, the Crawley name, and his wife in rude succession.

At Downton, the studio cancels The Gambler because quiet films are no longer profitable in the wake of "talkie" films. lady Mary suggests salvaging the project by dubbing in the dialogue for the completed scenes. guide actor boy Dexter's voice is suitable, but Myrna Dalgleish's cockney accent is inappropriate for her upper-class character. Mrs Hughes suggests that lady Mary could dub Dalgleish's voice. Fearing her career is ruined, Dalgleish quits, but Downton servants Anna and Daisy convince her to conclusive the film. Former Downton footman Mr Molesley, who can lip-read, reconstructs the dialogue for dubbing, and creates a dialogued script for the unshakable story.

The relatives returns to Downton while filming continues. lady Mary rebuffs director Jack Barber's flirtations, although her husband Henry's prolonged non-attendance for a car rally has strained their marriage. Downton's closeted butler, Thomas Barrow, accepts Dexter's meet the expense of to govern his Hollywood house and be a travelling companion. Dr Clarkson diagnoses Cora as soon as pernicious anaemia, a treatable condition. Cora helps Dalgleish build an American accent, potentially saving her career. Edith, unfulfilled and constrained as a marchioness, intends to resume effective at her London-based magazine. Newlywed servants Daisy and Andy plot to be in agreement occurring Daisy's former father-in-law, Mr Mason, and Downton chef Mrs Patmore. in the same way as the film's unpaid extras stroll out, the Downton staff replace them, ensuring its completion. Barber offers Molesley a lucrative pact as a screenwriter. Molesley subsequently proposes to Miss Baxter, unaware that he is bodily overheard on an right to use microphone.

Violet assures Robert that the tardy Lord Grantham was his dad and that nothing happened between her and Montmirail. Violet's health deteriorates further, and she dies surrounded by loved ones. Mary asks Mr Carson to train footman Andy as the further butler. Months later, Tom and Lucy reward to Downton next their infant. A extra portrait hangs in the main hall, that of the late Dowager Countess.

Movie`s Details

Title: Downton Abbey: A New Era 

Genre: Drama, Romance 

Writer: Julian Fellowes 

Director: Simon Curtis 

Actors: Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery 

Runtime: 2h 4min 

Country: UK, USA 

Language: English, French 

Release Date: 2022-05-20 

Production: Universal Pictures, Carnival Film & Television 

imdbRating: 7.4 


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