The Northman 2022

Action, Adventure, Drama | 2022 | R | 2h 17min | 2022-04-22

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The Northman 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In AD 895, King Aurvandill returns to the fictional island of Hrafnsey after his overseas conquests, reuniting once his wife, Queen Gudrn, and his heir, Prince Amleth. To prepare Amleth for his eventual ascension, the father and son participate in a ceremony overseen by Aurvandill's jester, Heimir. Heimir tells Amleth that his destiny is complete and cannot be escaped, and Amleth vows to avenge his dad if Aurvandill is ever slain, rather than live his dynamism in shame. The next-door morning, Amleth's bastard uncle Fjlnir stages a palace coup, personally beheads Aurvandill, sacks the hillfort and carries away Gudrn. Amleth narrowly escapes Fjlnir's assassins and flees by boat, ill-treatment vengeance.

Years later, an adult Amleth is an ulfhenar subsequently a band of Vikings. After attacking a village in Gardariki, Amleth encounters a Seeress in the temple of Svetovit; the Seeress says that it is Odin's will for Amleth to receive his revenge on Fjlnir and advises Amleth to "follow the vixen's tail," and that his fate is intertwined once that of a Maiden-King. Soon after, Amleth learns that "Fjlnir the Brotherless" has loose his throne to King Harald Fairhair of Norway and now lives as a sheep farmer in Iceland. biting his hair and posing as a slave, Amleth sneaks aboard a ship. He encounters an enslaved Slavic woman named Olga, who claims to be a sorceress. They are taken to Fjlnir's farm, where Amleth learns his mom has married Fjlnir and borne him a son named Gunnar.

One night, Amleth follows a vixen and encounters a he-witch, who facilitates a spiritual dialogue in the middle of Amleth and the skull of Heimir, whom Fjlnir has next murdered. The he-witch after that tells Amleth virtually Draugr, a magical sword at the Gates of Hel. Amleth enters a mound and obtains the blade after charge the undead Mound Dweller. He hides the sword on his reward to the farm. The adjacent day, Amleth is chosen to compete in a game of knattleikr adjoining substitute farm. The game turns violent and Gunnar is re killed, but Amleth saves him. As a reward, Fjlnir's adult son, Thorir, grants him manager duties and allows him to pick a woman.

During the evening celebrations, Amleth and Olga create love; they treaty to overcome Fjlnir together. Amleth kills several of Fjlnir's men, and Olga mixes their food taking into consideration fly agaric, a potent hallucinogen. The ensuing disorder and the suspicion that the Christian slaves are behind the killings allows Amleth to enter Fjlnir's house. Amleth reveals his identity to Gudrn, who replies that she was Aurvandil's slave and that Amleth was conceived by rape. Gudrn as a consequence reveals that she masterminded Fjlnir's coup because she wanted both Aurvandill and Amleth dead; she subsequently mockingly tries to seduce Amleth, who recoils in disgust. Enraged, Amleth kills Thorir, and then cuts out and steals his heart.

Gudrn reveals Amleth's authenticated identity to Fjlnir and calls for the death of her eldest son. Fjlnir decides to slay Olga, but Amleth offers to trade Olga's excitement for Thorir's heart. After a scratchy beating, Amleth is released from his restraints by a flock of ravens sent by Odin. Olga as a consequence rescues Amleth, who tells her that his mother has murdered his past. Amleth decides to renounce his quest for revenge, and the two believe to be to escape by boat to his kinsmen in the Orkney Islands. But Amleth then has a vision and discovers that Olga is pregnant next twins, one of whom will be the Maiden-King prophesied by the Seeress. Realizing that Olga and their children will never be secure even if Fjlnir lives, Amleth, despite Olga's pleas, jumps overboard and swims ashore.

Back at the farm, Amleth frees the slaves and kills Fjlnir's warriors. even though searching for Fjlnir, Amleth is attacked by Gudrn and drives Draugr through her heart. Gunnar jumps on Amleth's back, stabbing his half-brother repeatedly until Amleth kills him, too. Fjlnir, discovering his wife and son dead, coldly tells Amleth to meet him at the Gates of Hel. At the crater of the volcano Hekla, Amleth and Fjlnir engage in a fierce Holmgang until Fjlnir is beheaded and Amleth is fatally stabbed simultaneously. As he lies dying, Amleth has a vision of Olga embracing their two children, whom she tells him are safe, in the past urging him to allow go. A valkyrie carries Amleth through the gates of Valhll (Valhalla).

Movie`s Details

Title: The Northman 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama 

Writer: Sjón, Robert Eggers 

Director: Robert Eggers 

Actors: Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang 

Runtime: 2h 17min 

Country: USA, China, UK 

Language: English, Norse, Old 

Release Date: 2022-04-22 

Production: New Regency Productions, Universal Pictures, Focus Features 

imdbRating: 7.1 


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