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Action, Drama, History | 2022 | | 2h 33min | 2022-02-01

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Water Gate Bridge 2022
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Storyline / Plot

The file opens like a recap of scenes from The battle at Lake Changjin, introducing the main characters from that film and their earlier actions. After prosecution at Sinhung-ni, the Chinese People's Volunteer Army (PVA)'s 7th Company arrives at a location 12km from Hagaru-ri where it meets elements of the 20th Corps and the artillery battalion commanded by Commander Yang, preparing to anger the landing field and American 1st Marine estrangement supply base at Hagaru-ri. The PVA units drive captured American vehicles and use captured equipment.

The film jumps to the Sea of Japan where Douglas A-1 Skyraiders launch from U.S. jet carriers to assault PVA units advancing upon Hagaru-ri from nine directions. The 7th Company is next strafed by joined States Navy Vought F4U Corsairs, but they concern upon to a swing endeavor inflicting no casualties. 7th Company commander Wu Qianli realises the planes seek to belligerence the artillery battalion and moves his men forward. The scene next shifts to the artillery battalion column advancing in captured U.S. trucks towing artillery pieces which is then attacked by the Corsairs inflicting "maximum damage" upon the column, destroying every the guns. The 7th Company arrives on the scene, Yang tells Qianli that all his captured guns have been destroyed, Qianli hands Yang a pistol and tells the 7th Company to go take control of more guns 1.5km away. Yang after that rallies his men to furthermore go appropriate more guns.

The scene then shifts to the U.S. perimeter at Hagaru-ri which is besieged by PVA forces. PVA soldiers thrown themselves onto a cutting wire fence correspondingly that their comrades can run higher than their backs to violent behavior U.S. positions. PVA forces, including the 7th Company and the artillery battalion overrun the U.S. defenders, killing many of them. Ping He uses a Bazooka to destroy a U.S. robot gun direction and the U.S. flag is blown into the sky. The artillery battalion then turns the captured artillery going on for to begin shelling the Hagaru-ri airfield. Qianli reclaims his pistol from Yang and then moves his unit forward to injury the airfield.

The PVA attacks Hagaru-ri. 1st Marine disaffection commander Major general Oliver P. Smith is informed that that PVA are everywhere and coming in fast. The artillery battalion fires a creeping barrage ahead of the 7th Company. The Americans evacuate their hospital though Smith demands that the airfield is kept right of entry and he is put in way in subsequently Tokyo. The scene later shifts to Tokyo where General Douglas MacArthur is attending a celebration. MacArthur receives a phone call from Smith who advises him that Hagaru-ri runway is the rear line, that he lacks troops to withhold the heritage and requests reinforcements to lid their withdrawal. MacArthur shouts "Smith this is war! Retreating is treason" and orders Smith to stop his retreat. The scene returns to Hagaru-ri where PVA artillery is now hitting the landing field and the descend of the base. A C-47 Skytrain is destroyed by artillery fire and Smith orders jet to use the road instead. Smith orders reinforcement of the Sumun Bridge and then orders a retreat from Hagaru-ri. Yang is hurt by U.S. artillery blaze mangling his hand but alone manages to load and fire an artillery piece destroying an American gun. The Americans retreat below artillery fire as the PVA infantry overrun Hagaru-ri.

The scene shifts to the PVA 9th Corps headquarters at Chengfang-dong. song Shilun is informed that the Marines are retreating and that the without help route is across the Sumun Bridge. Peng orders the 7th Company to disengage from the charge at Hagaru-ri to block the U.S. retreat at Sumun Bridge. At Hagaru-ri the 7th Company is mopping up. Wu Wanli who was injured in the attack gives his blanket to a horribly ill-treated American in the hospital. The PVA troops get out of and recuperate even if the commanders meet and increase their casualties, Qianli receives the identity tags of the 78 men who have been killed and then leaves a lit cigarette as an offering in the snow.

Qianli receives the order to advance to the Sumun Bridge and ruin it. Qianli's radio operator points out a destroyed U.S. helicopter and says that in the well along China will have their own augmented planes and Qianli responds that it is just a concern of time. Qianli orders the 7th Company to get ready to shape out.

The scene shifts to The White home where President Harry S. Truman receives a telegram from MacArthur requesting use of atomic bullets to win the war. A voiceover from a 30 November press conference has Truman avoiding saying whether or not atomic bombs would be used.

The 7th Company advances towards the Sumun Bridge in blizzard conditions that put under their compass. The 7th Company arrives at the bridge to find the 9th Company attacking the U.S. forces and they member the attack, rescuing the 9th Company survivors but are goaded to withdraw. The 7th and 9th Company soldiers tend their hurt and eat out cold canned food, while Qianli counts the dead. U.S. bombers anger the place taking into consideration minimal effect. A 9th Company soldier recounts their anger upon the bridge which caused insult damage. The U.S. forces fix the bridge and their defensive positions. The 7th and 9th Companies scheme a extra attack, the 9th Company commander says that they must destroy the bridge and next dies from an earlier wound.

U.S. forces at the bridge inventory their weapons though armored reinforcements sham toward the bridge. The U.S. commander, a Captain plans to glamor the PVA onto the south stop of the bridge and subsequently destroy them. Qianli briefs both companies on the scheme to antagonism the bridge from four swap directions. Qianli tells Wanli to direct clear showing that he has earned his trust. The companies salute the sun looking north towards China and recite "Long rouse the People's Republic of China" in the past splitting happening for the attack.

The four groups deploy unseen in the dark. A U.S. sniper shoots a PVA messenger and in incline is shot by a PVA sniper who after that shoots out a searchlight upon the north end of the bridge. Wanli throws a grenade which blows stirring the U.S. communications bunker starting the attack. A U.S. watchtower on the south stop of the bridge is destroyed by a bazooka shot. The U.S. defenders go upon full alert, but yet plan to lie in wait the PVA attackers. PVA forces blow a hole in a water pipe below the bridge and later fire a bazooka happening the pipe causing an explosion at the pump home at the rear the bridge. Three PVA soldiers control up the pipe and understand higher than the pump house, environment off explosions that slay U.S. soldiers who arrive to investigate. More PVA soldiers run happening inside the pipe and more U.S soldiers enter the pump house, one of the U.S. soldiers throws a grenade all along the pipe and a PVA soldier jumps upon it and absorbs the blast. substitute bazooka circular is ablaze taking place the pipe killing more U.S. soldiers. A PVA soldier shoots out the lights in the pump house and more Americans are killed then more PVA soldiers emerge from the pipe. North of the bridge Qianli launches a solo attack, considering the Americans try to shoot him in the same way as a recoilless rifle they hit their headquarters bunker. The Americans depart the HQ bunker after environment a demolition charges, Qianli stops more than ten unarmed U.S. troops, the demolition achievement detonates and the Americans scatter even though Qianli searches the bunker to try to occupy the U.S. commander. PVA and U.S. soldiers fight for run of the pump house though PVA mortars destroy the U.S. ammunition storage areas. PVA forces overrun the U.S. positions upon the north end of the bridge, even though on the south stop they spring their lie in wait upon the PVA attackers. Wanli blows taking place a machine gun viewpoint with a grenade, Yu Congrong pushes him out of the mannerism of a sniper who shoots Yu, apparently killing him. The U.S. armored column approaches the north stop of the bridge and a tank fires upon the PVA who reply similar to mortar flame and an in the air infantry attack. Wanli, having moved through the U.S. trenches, tries to grenade a U.S. twist but is stopped by the U.S. commander, they be anxious and the captain prevails until Qianli arrives and puts a gun to the captain's head, Wanli then puts the primed grenade inside the captain's coat and it explodes killing him. The U.S. defenders at the north stop of the bridge fire upon the PVA gone flamethrowers, killing several soldiers one of whom keeps firing until he burns to death. The PVA use mortars as bazookas and shoot a gas can causing petrol to go forward on the ground, with the flamethrowers ember once more they ignite the petrol killing many U.S. soldiers. The PVA soldiers in the pump house slay American soldiers upon the roof. Wanli and Qianli rescue Yu who was concussed. A U.S. tanks advances across the bridge, the PVA troops at the south stop try to destroy it subsequently a captured recoilless rifle. Qianli launches a solo violent behavior upon the U.S. troops upon and concerning the pump house, tackling a U.S. soldier upon the roof and later falling inside. A PVA soldier runs from the pump house towards the tank carrying a satchel charge, he is repeatedly shot and the court case explodes disintegrating him. Inside the pump house Ping He is attacked by a U.S. soldier who impales him on a metal beam, but Qianli next garrots the American but is entangled in wreckage. Ping He takes different satchel suit and dives underneath the tank, his arm is crushed and he is dragged under the tank, he tells Qianli to blaze and he does for that reason igniting the satchel charge, destroying the tank and blowing a hole in the bridge. The PVA units foster on the bridge destroying the resolution U.S. positions, even if Qianli is trapped in the pump home wreckage. Renewed tank flare disintegrates a PVA soldier as the far ahead of the 1st Marine separation approaches the north end of the bridge and subsequently undertaking to bombard the area. Qianli uses a signal whistle to order a retreat and the PVA withdraw. Wanli tries to rescue Qianli who tells him to leave, but he and substitute soldier extract Qianli and they escape next to the pipe.

The adjacent hours of daylight some enduring 7th and 9th Company soldiers sleep in a valley near the bridge. Yu climbs a hill for a augmented radio signal bearing in mind a flight of F4U Corsairs approaches the valley. The Corsairs drops napalm which falls sudden as Yu has fired up on the planes drawing their attention to him, the planes follow Yu dropping more napalm and he is set afire and disintegrates in the fire. The planes reward and strafe the valley pulverising several PVA soldiers and wounding many others, including Wanli. At the bridge the Marines repair the bridge and their combat positions as they prepare to retain the bridge for three days to allow their forces to retreat across it. below the bridge more PVA survivors strip the destroyed U.S. tank for supplies. The scene later ships to the Sea of Japan where a voiceover says that the 1st Marine disaffection is facing a major test. The scene later shifts to MacArthur in Tokyo who is informed of the damage to the Sumun Bridge, MacArthur says that he told Smith not to retreat, he is told that his atomic bomb plot caused controversy in the UN and he orders the Sumun Bridge be repaired.

The PVA after that put a captured U.S. M3 half-track back into service, while in a voiceover Qianli pledges to anger the bridge no concern how many become old the U.S. repairs it. The mistreated Mei Sheng is seen in a flashback afterward his wife where she tells him to arrive incite alive. Qianli gives his commander's whistle to Wanli. Night falls and the U.S. forces at the bridge scan the area. In a voiceover Qianli orders Wanli to blow the whistle every three hours from either stop of the bridge to distract the defenders. Qianli wraps himself in a parachute and approaches the bridge from the north. Meanwhile the U.S. commander orders that music is played beyond the bridge loudspeakers causing the defenders to relax. The 9th Company then attacks the bridge while above the bridge Mei sets the cargo in the half-track in flames and drives it down towards the bridge as Qianli slides all along the hill. Wanli tries to enter the pipe but finds it barricaded taking into account acid wire. The U.S. defenders ember on the half-track killing Mei but it explodes upon the bridge. Qianli slides over U.S. positions and lands upon the pump house roof, he slides off the roof and onto the bridge where he is surrounded by many U.S. soldiers who say you will no comport yourself because it would be "more exciting." Qianli tries to shoot an artillery shell he was carrying, but his pistol misfires, the Americans open fire, Qianli is hit numerous times and falls off the bridge but manages to shoot the shell's join together causing a loud explosion that blows a hole in the bridge. Wanli recovers Qianli who dies in belly of him. Wanli recalls Qianli's recommendation to him to manage free.

At dawn Wanli is under to Qianli's body. The Americans patrol the area on the bridge, seeing Qianli's head they flare a flamethrower and his body is consumed in flames causing his body and Wanli to slide alongside the hill. The flamethrower operator reports that there are no more PVA below the bridge and the U.S. commander says its period to go home. Wanli regains consciousness from the heat of Qianli's burning body. Wanli looks occurring to look U.S. helicopters in the air in bridge spans even though a voiceover narrates how U.S. jet flew in spans to fix the bridge. The U.S. troops lay the bridge spans and vehicles start crossing over the bridge. Smith crosses the bridge in a jeeep and sees a red ornament in a tree which he takes as a sign that the U.S. doesn't have much mature to tug out. Truman is shown looking pensive in the Oval office. The scene later shifts to the evacuation of Hungnam on 24 December where U.S. forces described as the "10th Army" prepare to destroy rail lines and supplies that cannot be evacuated. A U.S. soldier is shown putting a bottle of whisky into the body sack of a dead soldier. Captions state: "The battle of the Sumun Bridge was a typical penetrating attack into the depths of the U.S. defense. It had significant importance in pointed off the enemy's retreat, crashing the enemy's morale, and accelerating the course of the battle. This fight demonstrated our army's indomitable energy in fight and the powerful will of Chinese people to defend Chinese nation's dignity!" Smith is shown paying his respects at a huge graveyard overlooking Hungnam.

The PVA are shown fast marching like the bridge towards Hungnam, Wanli fires his carbine to attraction their attention and is recognised as visceral from the 7th Company. At Hungnam demolition charges explode across the city as glum and put out American troops look on from ships as they sail away. The PVA, including Wanli, are shown triumphantly dispensation into the ruins of Hungnam upon 25 December, reaching the beach where they appreciation red flags and cheer. Four jeeps containing PVA officers stop on a mountaintop. song looks out beyond Lake Changjin, removes his cap and bows even if further officers salute. Wanli takes a handful of dirt and wraps it in fabric. In a rear place PVA company commanders relation their losses, along with the artillery battalion deserted 107 out of 221 version for duty, while Wanli reports that of the 157 soldiers in the 7th Company by yourself one reports for duty. tune stops and stares solemnly at Wanli and orders that a flag be brought. tune asks Wanli if he wishes for anything, Wanli replies that he wants to reorganize the 7th Company. song presents Wanli taking into account a flag and salutes him. The flag is later shown on high as Wanli holds an urn containing Qianli's ashes. Wanli imagines Qianli asking him approximately skipping stones across water. Wanli returns to his relations village as the scene fades and the credits begin.

Movie`s Details

Title: Water Gate Bridge 

Genre: Action, Drama, History 

Writer: Jianxin Huang, Xiaolong Lan, Xiaojiang Quji 

Director: Hark Tsui, Kaige Chen, Dante Lam 

Actors: Jing Wu, Jackson Yee, Michael Koltes 

Runtime: 2h 33min 

Country: China 

Language: Mandarin, English 

Release Date: 2022-02-01 

Production: Bona Film Group, August 1st Film Studio, Huaxia Film Distribution 

imdbRating: 5.5 


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