The 355 2022

Action, Thriller | 2022 | PG-13 | 2h 2min | 2022-01-07

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The 355 2022
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At a location 150 miles south of Bogot, Colombia, a drug lord presents criminal mastermind Elijah Clarke in imitation of a special decryption program steer that can admission any digital system on Earth. Clarke double-crosses and kills him just as the authorities feat the mansion. amongst the chaos, Colombian DNI agent Luis Rojas obtains the device. CIA operative Mason "Mace" beige is assigned to buy the drive from Rojas. She heads to Paris considering longtime accomplice Nick Fowler, who is in love following her. The harmony goes south similar to German undercover BND agent Marie Schmidt swipes the sack holding the money. Mace chases Marie, who escapes via the subway though Nick is confronted in an pathway by Clarke.

At CIA headquarters, Mace learns that Nick was found dead in the alley. Her superior, Larry Marks, gives her his blessing to read the steer by any means. Mace travels to London to recruit a longtime friend, retired British MI6 operative Khadijah Adiyeme. Rojas arranges to hand the steer greater than to Graciela Rivera, a DNI psychologist next no auditorium experience. Marie is pushed to go after the drive by her boss, Jonas Muller, who brings taking place how Marie's father was a senior BND agent whom she personally turned after discovering that he was a Russian mole.

Mace and Khadijah track Luis and Graciela to a announce without help for the DNI agent overseeing the handoff to viewpoint upon them and slay Luis; previously dying, he gives Graciela a phone isolated she can log on that tracks the drive. Both Mace and Marie chase the thief, who escapes. Marie takes Graciela to a safe home in the manner of Mace and Khadijah arriving. Khadijah points out they every want the steer and are better off working together. The four track the robber to Morocco, apprehending him and taking out foe mercenaries before handing the drive on top of to Marks. even though celebrating higher than drinks, news breaks of planes crashing, and cities hit by gigantic capacity outagesindicating the drive is in terrorists' hands. They compensation to the secure house to find Marks dead. After escaping from a CIA antagonism squad, the women get they have been framed for Marks' death and the theft of the device.

Under interrogation, the robber reveals that the recent incidents are all ration of a "demonstration" for prospective buyers at an illegal black-market auction in Shanghai. The bureau infiltrates the auction where Mace is astounded to discover that not lonesome is Nick alive, but is secretly Clarke's mole in the CIA. The activity fails to prevent him from obtaining the device, but a obscure Chinese woman helps them escape the auction. She identifies herself as Lin Mi Sheng and explains that the steer was used as bait to allow her agency to identify the criminals in attendance. She then tells Mace that Marks had been upon Clarke's payroll, and that she took the device from Nick during their escape.

Nick is beaten by Clarke's men for bringing a decoy device. He subsequently captures the group, revealing that Clarke has Muller, Khadijah's boyfriend Ahmed, and Graciela's associates as hostages. Nick executes Lin's elderly dad in tummy of the group, though Muller and Ahmed are executed on camera. Lin agrees to travel once Clarke and hand higher than the steer personally to spare Graciela's family. The supplementary women overcome their grief to realize Lin is transmitting her location through a camera in her glasses. Arming themselves, they rescue Lin, shoot Nick, and destroy the steer before getting arrested.

Two months later, Nick, now promoted to a senior rank in the CIA for killing Clarke, returns home to find Mace and the intervention waiting for him after escaping from custody. Nick passes out from a drug in his drink and is told he will pay for his crimes by spending the flaming of his simulation in a foreign prison. The women go their surgically remove ways, but suspect they will someway reunite to battle the ruining of their various agencies.

Movie`s Details


Title: The 355 

Genre: Action, Thriller 

Writer: Theresa Rebeck, Simon Kinberg 

Director: Simon Kinberg 

Actors: Jessica Chastain, Penélope Cruz, Bingbing Fan 

Runtime: 2h 2min 

Country: China, USA 

Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic 

Release Date: 2022-01-07 

Production: Universal Pictures, CAA Media Finance, FilmNation Entertainment 

imdbRating: 5.5 


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